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Recent Events

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The Must Love Hats family joins events in order to become part of the community. Living in the South Florida the weather can really affect people. MLH has taken upon themselves to save the people of South Florida from the sun rays. MLH will make it a priority to cover people’s heads so they can enjoy their day without having to worry about their brain overheating. MLH has a wide variety of hats for everyone; the stylish floppy hats that women love to wear at the beach, wild fedoras that kids will go crazy to show their friends, and also the cowboy style hats that will show your inner country side.

Some events that MLH has gone this year:

Carnaval on the Mile

This was MLH’s first event. Our booth was constantly filled with fashionable people. We received great feedback on our styles and our service. The most popular styles were the Poetto and Swiss Collection.














Calle 8 Festival

Sitting under the bright sun on a Saturday you could find the MLH family providing the very best to the South Florida people. Colorful people of all ages came up to us and to try what they thought was their hat of style. The Melo and the Varadero Collection were among the most popular hats in the festival.


Miami Beach Gay Pride Festival

Right in the heart of South Beach, MLH was showing off their latest hat collections. Next to the Latin Stage, the MLH family were dancing their hats off. The people’s favorite were the Maui Fedora and Palma Collection.






Wynwood Farmer’s Market

Must Love Hats will have a booth every Saturday in Miami Art District. In order to enjoy a good Saturday in sunny South Florida, you can find the most fashionable hats in the farmer’s market. Men, women and children go crazy for the hats they find here every Saturday.


Hat History

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Hats have been a part of a person attire for a very long time. The first depiction of a hat was found in a tomb painting located in Thebes, Egypt dated more than five thousand years ago. The original thought of the hat was like any other piece of clothing, protection from the elements. While hats were of practical use, they were also used for adornment. Hats have a significant role in history; from describing occupation to defining the social status of the person wearing it.

During the Roman Empire it was common not to see people wear headpieces. It was during this time that hats were worn purposely to classify class and status among men. Roman soldiers wore their recognizable helmets to distinguish ranks.  When a slave was freed a ceremony was performed where the freed slave wore a Pileus, the hat that let everyone know that he or she was a freed slave. Another example is the famous laurel wreath. It was worm by upperclassmen like scholars and military generals.

Jump to the 16th century and hats have become popular among both men and women. It was in 1529 that the first women’s hat maker was recorded. Aside from wearing ribbons and gloves women started to include hats in the daily outfit. Hats that you see in this era are the classy powdered wigs and wide brim hats.

Even though some hats are used to differentiate roles in society, it was during the Industrial Revolution that the Top Hat made its own revolution. The top hat was worm by men in every social class. This marked the transition from flamboyant aristocracy to modern urban era. 

Hats have become a preferred fashion choice. One style that has dominated the market in the last century is the Fedora. A fedora is a wide brim creased lengthwise down the indented crown. Associated with gangsters and the Prohibition Era, Fedoras are still used today by anyone and everyone.